What are the tips for saving on a boat?

What are the tips for saving on a boat?

Before you start looking for insurance for your ship at the best price, I know first of all that good protection for your ship should at least cover its value, whether at the time of purchase or on the day of the accident. In any case, a few tips could save you money when buying additional insurance for your ship, sailboat or pontoon.

Being trained and informed pays off! Keep in mind that most companies offer discounts for seafarers with their pockets certification. In addition to being honest, simple navigation can save you a good sum.

Want to save on boat insurance? Insurers are sensitive to security measures taken to avoid claims, and that is normal! The lower the risk, the easier it is to protect the ship.

By providing your ship, including a smoke detector, fire extinguisher, or radio with which you can communicate with the mainland, you can see a reduction in premiums.

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