What are the types of boat insurance?

What are the types of boat insurance?

There are different types of boat insurance that you can choose according to your needs. Three of them are among the most popular.

This is a civil liability that protects you, including statutory, if you were responsible for an accident involving, among other things, another ship. With liability insurance, you could pay for the damage you have caused, thanks to the financial support of your insurer.

New value insurance without depreciation, ie New value. With this insurance, you can get a refund of your ship's full price if, as a result of the accident, the day of the disaster has resulted in a total loss and insurance value that offers the return of your ship, sailing ship or pontoon, by value on the day of the accident. In other words, the value of your ship will be calculated based, inter alia, on its age and the degree of deterioration.

In addition to these safeguards, there are some products that you can add to your insurance policy as required.

Addition of reimbursement of medical expenses, protection of navigation and communication equipment, protection of situations resulting in loss of enjoyment, protection of personal belongings, including equipment for fishing and water sports, your luggage, amount granted to heirs in case of accidental death and emergency towing.

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