What to remember when you have a car accident?

What to remember when you have a car accident?

A list of tasks to keep in mind. The immediate consequence of an accident is a fuzzy activity blur. In this frantic environment, it can be difficult to gather your thoughts and develop a coherent, step-by-step plan. Your mind will probably be racing: do they all agree? What is the extent of the damage? Am I to blame? What am I doing next?

Stay calm

Keeping your head upright is essential for successful navigation after a road accident. Never escape in a panic scene, take a deep breath, make sure you are not seriously injured, and make sure all the passengers you can have are safe. If someone is injured, dial 911.

Check the scene

If you can safely leave the vehicle, do so and examine carefully. If you have a mobile phone or digital camera at your fingertips, take as many photos as you can about the vehicle or vehicles, the entire crash site, and the conditions of the road. This information could be valuable to a lawyer in the event of an accident if a lawsuit is filed.

Exchange of information

Assuming two or more vehicles, be sure to exchange relevant information with other drivers. Collect their names, addresses, phone numbers, license and insurance information, as well as insurance contract numbers.

Never admit guilt

Be careful not to talk about liability for accident when exchanging information. This can be difficult, especially if another driver acts against you aggressively or is charged. Whatever their attitude, do not say "I'm sorry" or "my fault", or sign a statement in addition to the official police reports. Accepting guilt, even during the course, can be used against you later. Record your law enforcement history.

Contact your insurer

When talking to other drivers, it's time to talk to your insurance company. Do it as soon as possible and pass on all relevant facts as long as they are still fresh in your mind. If you feel that you can ask for a lawyer for accident benefits, contact him immediately. A dispute may last longer than a dispute; the sooner your lawyer starts, the sooner you will be compensated for your injury.

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